Doppler Styles

This page showcases the 7+5 different Doppler styles. They are transparent paints over a polished, then marbled surface. Each one will be semi randomized unless you leave a picture to copy.

  • Phase 1 is black with some red
  • Phase 2 is red with some black
  • Phase 3 is black with some blue and green
  • Phase 4 is blue with some black
  • Ruby is red
  • Sapphire is blue
  • Black Pearl is dark purples, blues and red.

This Video Showcases the phases on my knives, close and personal for the original Doppler series.

Here's the Gamma Dopplers, in real life

 Here they are in game:

 The Gamma Dopplers are similar, but with green as a primary color.

  • Phase 1 is black with some green
  • Phase 2 is green with some black
  • Phase 3 is black, aqua, and green
  • Phase 4 is black, aqua and lime green
  • Emerald is full lime green

Here they are in game: