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Do you ship X Country? Will knives get in?

Everywhere I ship has been tried and tested. I restrict what countries I sell to because some countries will not let knives in the country. If you cant purchase a knife from me, its either because I know I cannot ship to your country, or Ive never done it before and I dont know the import laws. 

Use this link to look up your country's import laws: http://pe.usps.com/text/imm/ab_toc.htm

International buyers should be aware, import fees, duty taxes are sometimes applied. You will have to go the local post office, pay a fee and pick it up. If the package should have arrived, check your post office. If you dont, the package will be returned to us.

In the USA, there has never been a problem shipping knives.


  • UK
  • Mexico
  • France (butterfly good)
  • Germany (no butterfly, always import fees)
  • Vietnam
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • Norway


  • Singapore ( Singapore's internal mail has been shoddy)
  • Australia (everything but butterfly, daggers, karambit)
  • Canada (butterfly might have problems)
  • Denmark ( flip only! )
  • Norway (butterfly will NOT get in)

Will not get in

  • China
  • Russia

How much is shipping?

For one knife, 6$ in the us, 28$ out.  

What Happens If customs takes my knife?

There is nothing I can do. Customs will not give me the knife back, or refund me. I cannot offer a refund for this reason. We both loose. Thats why Its important to do your research before ordering a knife. I cant be responsible to know the shipping rules/regulations of every single country. Do some googling to find out. Insurance wont cover a seized package. 

How sharp are the knives? 

Decently sharp. Not razor sharp. Usually, I leave the paint on the blade. This makes the blade less sharp but still able to cut. I can sharpen the knife for you for free, but understand this causes stress in the paint and increases the chance of paint chipping.

Can you dull the knives? 

Yes! Just mention it in the order notes and I'll dull the blade for free, as much as it saddens me.  

What brand is the knife?

I try to list the brand name of each knife in the description but

  • Karambit - Honshu Or black Legion
  • Huntsman - Mtech Defender Xtreme
  • Bayonet - Survivor m9 bayonet
  • Flip - Ganzo G712 or Benchmade 860
  • Gut - Elk Ridge Guthook
  • Falchion - Cold Steel Espada g10
  • Butterfly - Custom made by me

How long will it take to get my knife?

Usually a week to make, plus shipping time. It takes me AT MOST 3 weeks to paint a knife, (rarely)  I Ship USPS priority so shipping is 1-3 business days in the US, and 6-10 outside.

Do the knives come with a sheath/holster?

Mostly. Every knife comes with something 

  • Honshu Karambit - Leather belt clip sheath
  • Black legion Karambit - Plastic case
  • Huntsman - nice leg holster
  • Bayonet - MOLLE System Plastic Sheath
  • Gut - Fabric belt holster
  • Flip - small cloth pouch
  • Shadow Daggers - Plastic case
  • Falchion - Nothing
  • Butterfly - Nothing
  • Bowie - Junky plastic sheath

What is "Reference materials"?

If you have a picture of a knife you want me to copy, leave it here, and ill do my best to copy it. More on it HERE 

What happened to the Shadow Daggers?

Paypal told me I cant sell them anymore, since they are dangerous weapons.

The knife I painted, the gerber uppercut, is discontinued, and I dont have anymore. 

I have a youtube channel! Can I get a free knife?

Yes, if its csgo related, is active, and your average csgo vids get a few thousand plus views. If you dont get so many views, but I like the channel, I could still give you a nice discount. 

Please do NOT message me if your channel has like 5 minecraft videos with 10 views each. 

Dragon Lore?

Im working on one as a side project. Its a very complicated pattern and I want to do it well. It will cost at least 1k when im done. 


If your question wasn't answered, or you have a question about your order, contact me below, or at tacticoolknives.com@gmail.com