Building the Butterfly

Youtuber Koda Made a nice review of the butterfly knife HERE, Check it out! 
Here is the initial Solidworks sketch: 


The knife and handles were carefully created in Solidworks. The design process was meticulous to find a good blend practicality and authenticity. Making a 1-1 replica is results in a blade that's too big for the handles.


Next, the files were sent to a laser cutting contractor to be made. Using a precise, High voltage laser, the handles and blades are cut to spec and shipped to me. A tough tool steel was selected as the material for the handles. Tool steel is a carbon steel, not stainless. Carbon steels are more receptive to paint, and can have a whole array of materials processes done to them that stainless cant ( case hardening, Bluing, vinegar staining) Carbon steels can hold a very sharp edge. 

For the blade, 440c Stainless steel was selected, as it is a common favorite for many knife makers.

The parts come a bit rough, and dirty. Here is where the real work begins. 

The surface of the handles and blades are cleaned up and lightly polished on a wire wheel.

Then I grind a round edge onto the blade. The blade is NOT SHARP. This way the knife can be sold as a "trainer" and bypass many restrictions. 

The edges of the handles are also rounded off a bit to remove the sharp feeling when you grip the handles tight. 


At this point, I test fit the knives to make sure everything is working properly. Usually the lock needs some minor adjustments.

The blades are painted as the rest of my knives are. (for more info, go to the PAINTING PROCESS page)

The handles, however are cold blued. (or gun blued) Bluing is a chemical process similar to oxidation (rusting) that permanently colors the blade a very dark blue/black. Unlike a paint. This cant effect is very durable and cant simply be removed. 

Click here to see a GIF of the bluing process!