Saber Tooth Flip Knife

$ 275.00

This is a REAL KNIFE hand painted by me, made to order.

Why stick to a Ganzo?

  • MUCH Cheaper
  • If you just want a nice display piece

Why upgrade to a Benchmade?

  • Benchmade knives are THE BEST knives on the market
  • More accurate
  • Much higher material quality


 First I sandblast the old paint off, to create better adhesion. Then I clean the surface using metal prep. This also helps the paint adhere. Then I use a self-etching primer that eats into the metal a little bit to get a strong bond. Then I spray paint a few coats of Metallic paint using an airbrush and stencils. Then a clear orange is applied. The knife is then clear-coated with Imron, a durable clear finish commonly used on NASCAR vehicles.  The resulting finish is as durable as they come, about as resilient as a car paint job. It will resist most small scratches. Scratching rocks, metal or other hard objects will damage the paint. As a decorative piece, the finish should last nearly forever. With heavy use, expect heavy wear.