Howl Butterfly

$ 175.00

This is a custom made Butterfly knife. From start to finish, everything is done by me. For a walk through of the knife's construction, visit the building the butterfly page.

This knife is NOT SHARP. The blade comes rounded off. This is because butterfly/Balisong knives are frequently Illegal. The Blade is made from 440c stainless steel, and the handles from tool (carbon) steel, so if you want to add your own edge to the blade it will hold up, but do so at your own risk. 

Everything else works as a proper butterfly knife should. It has a working lock, and freely pivots without wobble. Even butterfly enthusiasts will be surprised by the construction. The offset pivot points and banana handles make this butterfly knife truly one of a kind. The solid steel construction feels hefty and tough in your hands. 

After the knife is machined and fitted properly, the handles are gun/cold blued, and the blade painted. The handle ornaments are 3D printed, painted and glued to the handles.

For the Howl, the blade is first grit blasted to create better adhesion. Then I clean the surface using metal prep. This also helps the paint adhere. Then I use a self-etching primer that eats into the metal a little bit to get a strong bond. Then I spray a black paint, and hand paint the red flames, and orange wolf.Then when I'm all done, I apply a clear coat of Cerekote to protect everything. Cerekote is durable clear finish commonly used on Firearms.  The resulting finish is as durable as they come, about as resilient as a car paint job. It will resist most small scratches. Scratching Rocks, metal or other hard objects will damage the paint However. 

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