Bright Water Bowie

$ 75.00 $ 80.00

Painted on the 12 inch long survivor brand bowie knife, with a 7 in stainless steel blade. Comes with a hard plastic sheath. Click here for a short video review!

Since there are no pics, save money by being the first to purchase it! I will email you pics before I ship it, if you arent happy, I will give you a full refund.

You have the option to choose if you'd like the ox head painted on or not. 

The knife is disassembled and cleaned. The old paint is sandblasted off to create better adhesion. Then the surface is cleaned using metal prep which also helps the paint adhere. Then a self etching primer is used that eats into the metal a little bit to get a strong bond. Then a stencil is used to paint different sections of color. The handles are painted light blue. Then a protective clear coat is added.