Closing Sale Info

After a few Dreamhacks, Airsoft guns, and 2000 unique painted knives, I've decided to close

It all started in 2015 with this Karambit.

I painted it up for fun, and figured id put it up on eBay. People went nuts for it and they wanted more. I quit my job and went full time. I eventually moved to etsy, then my own domain. I was approached by to paint for them. I figured out real life equivalents for the knives, and made the butterfly since it didnt exist. I painted a few different Airsoft Guns as well, like the AWP Asimov and M4 Howl. 

I went to a few Dreamhacks to meet with fans, and had a great time. Eventually, China caught on, and started mass producing CSGO knives. I decided I wanted to stick with making art, not simply sell knives with stickers on them, and sales have slowed down since. I've had a great run, and wouldn't trade this experience for anything, but its time to finish things up. I have a full time job again.I am selling all the knives at a heavy discount and I dont plan on selling any more afterwards. Due to the finality of the sale, there will be very limited post-sale support for the items.Unless there is a major problem with the item, there will be no returns/refunds.

I thought it would be cool to see what skins were most popular overall, so I summarized every sale ever made into this chart. Though it doesn't account for price, it still gives a good reflection of what skins/knives are popular (WOO Doppler!) 

Ill be including Display stands to the first orders while supplies last, and occasionally be throwing in Bonus knives to random orders! Things like random paint jobs, worn returned knives and such.

 Id like to thank everyone who made this website possible! Painting knives for you guys was amazing!

- Kyle aka Toasty